January 3, 2022
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Wrapping and Bridging is Live!

We have added the bridging and the wrapping features to our KUSARI Dashboard

Hello all,

We are very pleased to share some long awaited good news with you.

We have added the bridging and the wrapping features to our KUSARI Dashboard and reaching this milestone is of special importance to us and will be the backbone of our project because it basically enables us to move the project towards the multi-chain project we planned it to be giving us a nice foothold into the world of decentralised finance.

Through the wrapping, you will be able to swap back and forth your KSI into the WKSI (wrapped KSI token), which is the asset required to bridge to other networks like BSC, Polygon, and other EVM networks, In order to view your WKSI in metamask, you need to add the following token contract address to the Kusari chain wallet asset.

wKSI: 0xDc5F0F2DB641B8109B40e21D029db0C4964800A9

After you add the wrapped WKSI to your wallet you can visit our dashboard and start swapping to a from KSI and WKSI to get a feel of how it works, you can do that be visiting here https://app.kusari.network/#/wrap , its is a very easy process which should not be to difficult.. "just the way we like it".

The first Bridge we are opening is to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), this will use our BSC token bKSI which will facilitate the listing of bKSI and ultimately permitting the KSI to be tradeable.You can add the bKSI token on your Binance metamask wallet and this will be your Binance chain version of KSI, so to get your token added please enter this address and you will see the bKSI token in your wallet, here is the address:

bKSI: 0x0c670f4177a452B249E59AE036897D3dAE9faE57

After you have added the bKSI token to your Metamask you are now able to to Bridge over the WKSI token by swapping it for bKSI but again its a very simple process and we shall make some videos for our Youtube channel to help those who might need that extra support but it really is self explanatory and very easy.please remember though, once bridging the bKSI token you would require a little bit of BNB to get them back over if you want to swap back to WKSI so please bear that in mind but later this week we plan to list bKSI onto Pancake swap so might be an idea to give it a try regardless if you want to trade KSI on the Binance chain.

So with these latest developments we are over the moon with what we have in store for KUSARI and SwapDEX chain a like and hopefully soon we can share a few more detail of our we plan to make it easy for existing tokens from all major chains to come and trade onto our chain without having to deploy their projects on our chain giving them the easiest access to our blockchain then we originally planned.. but more of that for later

Best regards from all at the SwapDEX team

Crypto Expert and DeFi Enthusiast

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