January 3, 2022
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SwapDEX reaches $1MillionTotal Value Locked in just two days

The SwapDEX Blockchain is securedwith more than a million dollars worth of SDX backing it.

The SwapDEX Blockchain is secured

with more than a million dollars worth of SDX backing it. Staking

rewards are expected to reach new all-time highs as a

result of healthy masternode competition.

After the successful launch of SwapDEX’s Mainnet on

15 February 2022, the Total Value Locked via Staking

passed the $1million mark after only 48 hours.

The total amount of SDX  locked in Validating and

Nominating reached more than 25% (with the ideal

staking rate set at 50%) after five days, reaching more

than $1.35M, with more than 34M SDX locked into the

chain’s governance. This means that on average, the

top 300 validators have more than 100,000 SDX

deposited as security.

Another critical milestone – securing the network with

300 validators – was reached after entering the fifth

era (i.e. 30 hours), with an additional 103 validators

entering the competition for a seat in the active set of

the top 300 Masternodes (according to amount of

stake). This caused commission fees to drop, in order

to attract an additional stake through higher rewards.

Now that the chain has proved secure, SwapDEX has

implemented a bridge to the Binance Smart Chain and

created the first liquidity pool, enabling the first cross-

chain trading for the new coin.

SwapDEX are open to Partnerships interested in

taking advantage of their newly developed blockchain

infrastructure, as well as the Decentralized Exchange

(DEX) that is coming to the Chain in the months


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