January 3, 2022
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How to get bKSI on Pancakeswap

This guide shows you how to get bKSI on Pancakeswap.

This guide shows you how to get bKSI on Pancakeswap.

It assumes the following:

  1. You are logged into your MetaMask wallet and it is pinned to your browser.
  2. You have BNB in your MetaMask wallet.
  3. You have added the bKSI token to your MetaMask wallet.
  4. Your MetaMask wallet is set to the Binance Smart Chain.
    (Guide: How to add the Binance Smart Chain to Metamask)

This is what your Metamask wallet should look like before we start.

Now we need to head over to Pancakeswap. If you are a first time user it will ask you to connect your wallet.

Press either of the Connect Wallet buttons. Then your MetaMask wallet should ask you to join the network.

Select the Wallet of your choice and click the connect button.

Next, we need to choose the pair we want to swap.

In our case it’s BNB to bKSI. So we need to add these to the swap dialogue box.

You may have a different pair of tokens selected on your first visit to Pancakeswap.

This is not a problem as we are going to select the ones that we want.

BNB and bKSI.

To change the token, click on it.

You will then be presented with this dialogue box where you can choose your token.

You may not see the bKSI token there.

So we need to add it manually.

At the bottom of the Select a Token dialogue box you have just opened you will see Manage Tokens at the bottom.

Click on “Manage Token”s and then select the “Tokens” button.

Paste the bKSI contract address into the address box


Then click on “Import”.

You will then see this warning message.

It is pointing out that you need to be careful that you have the correct contract address for the coin. Double check the correct token address before proceeding!

After you made sure that you have the correct token contract address, proceed to Import the token.

Now you can add the BNB and bKSI pair to swap.

Press “Swap”.

Confirm the Swap.

You will be asked to confirm the Swap in your MetaMask wallet, click on “Confirm” to sign the transaction and you will recieve your bKSI.

The transaction process is very quick, just a few seconds.

You should now see bKSI in your MetaMask wallet.

NOTE: Just leave a little BNB balance in your wallet after your swap. The bKSI is on the Binace Smart Chain. When you bridge that over to the Kusari Chain you will need a small amount of BNB for transaction fees. Fortunately transaction fees on Binace Smart Chain are extremely low and they are even lower on the Kusari Chain.you can add the BNB and bKSI pair to swap

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