We’re on a mission to truly decentralise finance

We revolutionize the future of DeFi by providing the industry-leading ecosystem, blockchain, exchange and end-to-end financial platform within a community-governed ecosystem.

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The story behind us

The Kusari and SwapDEX team is an international team of crypto experts and enthusiasts with backgrounds in various professions.
We are mainly based in central Europe (UK, Belgium and Germany) but also work closely together with members in the USA, Australia and Turkey.

The mission behind all our work

As we are crypto users ourselves, we share the pain of high gas prices, high transaction times and a centralized dominance within the DeFi niche of crypto. Seeing legacy blockchains being bend to cope with growing demands of DeFi motivated us to disrupt the space and create something the market desperately deserves - a truly decentralized ecosystem for cross-chain DeFi.

The values that drive
everything we do

We skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.


We innovate to meet the DeFi users' needs and to attract the best talents and projects.


We develop community-owned networks and provide a level playing field.


We welcome everyone and every idea.

User Centricity

When it comes to utility, the user becomes the ultimate judge. To stay relevant we focus on our users and their feedback.

Leadership team