SwapDEX's Canary Network

The Future of DeFi is Multi-Chain.

Kusari is SwapDEX's canary and incubator network.
No restrictions, no whitepaper, pure innovation.

Web 3.0 Innovator Network

No restrictions, no whitepaper, pure innovation.

Join the Future of DeFi

Custom-Build Blockchain

Kusari uses substrate technology, the trusted foundation of Polkadot (DOT), Chainlink (LINK) and Enjin (ENJ).

Cross-Chain Capable

Experience seamless interfaces to EVM and blockchains like Ethereum, BSC and all Substrate based blockchains.

Easy to Use

Kusari's Dashboard is a user-friendly and simple interface to manage your cross-chain assets.

For Investors

Passive Income

Establish multiple passive income streams by staking, operating validators and farming transaction fees while providing liquidity.

Dedicated Team

Kusari and SwapDEX benefit from an experienced team of blockchain and crypto experts based in Europe.

DeFi Focus

We don't want to boil the ocean. We focus our resources to generate impact in the DeFi niche.

For Developers


Legacy blockchains are not designed with the intent of the DApps in mind. Kusari is a fully modular blockchain that unleashes developers from others' design decisions.


The legacy approach of hard-forks often led to divided networks and communities. Kusari, in contrast, allows forkless and automated code updates. No user interaction needed. 


The combination of an open-source, customizable architecture, rich-tooling and active community makes Kusari an open and fun place to build next-gen DeFi DApps.


Kusari was started by the creators of SwapDEX with one goal in mind.

Thank you for 2021
In 2021 we have seen us going from strength to strength to bring you the best blockchain projects and DeFi ecosystem into 2022.
  • Launch of Kusari Testnet
  • Launch of Kusari Mainnet
  • KSI Airdrop
  • Kusari Wiki is Live
  • Kusari EVM Blockexplorer is Live
  • Kusari Substrate Portal is Live
  • Kusari Dashboard is Live (Claim, Transfer, Wallet)
January 2022
Implementation of Cross-Chain Bridges to:
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Ethereum
February 2022
  • Listing on Pancake Swap
  • Bridge / Wrap Service Live
  • DEX (Beta)
  • CEX Listings
March 2022
  • DEX launched
  • DEX migration to SDX Mainnet
  • Expand Cross-Chain Network
  • Integration to Metaverse
  • Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace
  • Launchpad